Template for a vote

To enable structured discussions around proposals, once suffitiently matured (and ready to be posted as a draft) proposal will take the following format :

Here's a simple example that you can use as a starting point:

  • Title: [Proposal Title]

  • Proposal: [Short Description of the Proposal]

  • Snapshot Vote Link: [Link to the Snapshot vote]

  • Voting Duration: [Start Date and Time] - [End Date and Time] ([Timezone])

  • Context: [Provide a brief background on why this proposal is being put forth, any relevant discussions, and the problem or opportunity it addresses]

  • Detailed Description: [Describe the proposal in detail, including specific changes or actions, rationale, and expected outcomes]

  • Implementation Plan: [Outline the steps for implementing the proposal, including timelines, resource allocation, and any dependencies]

  • Benefits: [List the potential benefits and positive impacts of the proposal for the DAO and the broader community]

  • Risks and Considerations: [Discuss potential risks, challenges, or negative consequences that may arise from implementing the proposal]

  • Alternatives Considered: [Describe any alternative solutions that were considered and why they were not selected]

  • Additional Resources: [Provide any relevant links, such as previous discussions, research, or supporting materials]

  • Quorum Requirement: [Percentage of total token supply required for the vote to be valid]

  • Decision Threshold: [Percentage of votes required for the proposal to pass]

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