Pyth is the first oracle integrated into Nabla, adding an additional layer to our protocol for on-chain asset pricing. Leveraging Pyth's decentralized network of validators, our smart contracts seamlessly interact with the oracle to source real-time, high-fidelity market data. This integration enhances the accuracy and reliability of on-chain asset pricing, safeguarding users from impermanent loss and mitigating market risks. Additionally, it contributes to a fairer price discovery mechanism for users using the Nabla protocol.

Pythnet Price Feeds are integrated with over 12 blockchains and function as a pull oracle. Unlike push oracles, pull oracles update on-chain prices only when requested. In the Nabla frontend, users automatically request the latest price update from a Pyth off-chain service, which provides a serialized and signed price update. This update is then included with their transaction interacting with the Nabla protocol. Once the transaction is included in a block Nabla reads the latest price (not necessarily the price update sent with the transaction) from the Pyth on-chain contract. Transactions are reverted if the price update is outdated (e.g., older than 60 seconds).

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