Testnet Beta Tasks

3 categories of tasks can be performed by Testnet Beta participants:

1. Swaps

You can complete swaps between several pools. In the testnet alpha, we provide 8 assets. Since Nabla pools are single-sided, you can trade any combination of assets.

  • Swap Task 1: Do at least one swap between assets ( 100 $AMBER points)

2. Liquidity Provisioning

An AMM without LPs is unimaginable. Please provide liquidity in:

  1. Swap Pools: Nabla offers low-risk LPing thanks to its novel pool architecture. Provide liquidity to the pools using your test tokens.

    • LP Task: Add liquidity to at least one swap pool ( 100 $AMBER points)

  2. Backstop Pool (BSP): The swap pool market-making risks (inventory risk and other risks) are confined to the backstop pool.

    • BSP LP Task: Provide liquidity to BSP to secure the liquidity of the protocol. ( 200 $AMBER points)

3. Liquidity Withdrawal

As an LP you can withdraw liquidity anytime, and Nabla offers several options to withdraw liquidity

  1. Withdraw your asset from the swap pool: LPs can provide liquidity and withdraw liquidity as in any AMM. You'll get your share of the pool assets depending on the pool coverage.

    • Task: Withdraw liquidity from a swap pool ( 100 $AMBER points)

  2. Withdraw assets from the backstop pool: Nabla's innovation allows both BSP LPs and swap pool LPs to withdraw tokens from BSP.

    1. BSP pool LPs can withdraw their assets from the BSP. This is the default option.

      • Task: Withdraw liquidity from the BSP. ( 150 $AMBER points)

    2. Swap pool LPs can withdraw from the BSP: If a swap pool is not 100% full the LP has the option to withdraw liquidity from the backstop pool in the BSP asset (currently USDC)

    3. BSP LPs can withdraw assets from any swap pool if that pool has more assets compared to its liabilities (Coverage ratio >100%)

      • Task: Withdraw Backstop Pool Liquidity via Excess Swap Pool ( 150 $AMBER points)

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