How to swap into a swap pool that is depleted

Depleted pool means a pool has more liabilities then reserves.

Check pool liabilities and reserves on the swap pools page.

Pool Liabilities

Liabilities describe the amount of assets deposited by the LPs. The pool is liable since LPs are entitled to withdraw their assets any time.

Pool Reserves

Reserves describe the amount of assets in the pool at a given time.

Balancing Pools

For example, if the USDC pool has 1M liabilities but 800k reserves, this means you need to "swap into" the USDC pool to balance it. You should swap USDC for any other asset. By swapping, you add USDC to the USDC pool reserve, while subtracting from the pool reserve of the asset you swap for.

LPing does not change the depletion because if you add more as an LP, the liabilities increase as the pool needs to pay back more tokens.

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