Whitelisting for testnet

Alpha testnet deployment is technically permissionless however, the tester will need to hold "test tokens" to be able to "test" the product. There is a whitelisting process and several ways testers can obtain those test tokens. You need to complete the step 1 OR step 2 below:

  1. Any member of the Nabla community can apply to be whitelisted (to receive test tokens) by completing social quests (Galxe, etc. ). This is a guaranteed method for whitelisting. OR

  2. You can apply as a "test user" by filling out this form as well (not a guaranteed method) :

    • If your wallet is holding assets or Defi positions worth more than $5000 or,

    • If you have a referral code.


  • The above criteria are indicative and might not guarantee approval of your application.

  • You can receive test tokens from other test users, but as an anti-sybil measure, we don't allocate $AMBER points to users who are not whitelisted for Testnet Alpha.

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