Frequently asked questions about $AMBER .

What is $AMBER?

$AMBER is named after the Amber element which can only be found on the Nabla planet. It is distributed as the on-chain community reward in the Nabla Finance ecosystem.

How can I get some $AMBER?

100% of $AMBER will be distributed to the community and never sold. The only way to get a hold of $AMBER is by active participation in the Nabla ecosystem. You can earn it by taking an active role in the Nabla community, completing quests, or using the product. Keep an eye on the Nabla Guardians program which is planned to launch in Q1 2024)

Is $AMBER a transferable & tradeable token?

$AMBER is a permissionless & ERC-20 token. However, there are no plans to enable trading of $AMBER. We have no plans to launch a pool or do a CEX listing of $AMBER.

Is $AMBER a protocol token or a governance token?

No, it's not. Holding $AMBER won't earn you any trading fees or you won't be able to take part in protocol governance using $AMBER.

Does $AMBER have any financial value?

Financially you should not have any expectations for holding $AMBER. That being said the amount of $AMBER you hold is a display of the contributions you have made to the Nabla Community.

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